Why Stun Guns Work Well In Self Defense

Imagine yourself in the middle of the night, hearing a suspicious noise from the backyard. You pick up your flashlight and go out the door, sure it’s just a raccoon seeking to enter into the trash can yet again but determined to investigate. When the masked man in the driveway wanting to break into your car turns and lunges toward you, there is a stun and he crumples to the ground. You ease off the trigger on your handy flashlight stun gun and calmly dial 911.

A stun gun is simply the best and safe sort of home defense there is. The down sides with traditional firearms are numerous, particularly if there are children in the house - you must keep the gun unloaded and the ammunition stashed separately (which makes it ineffective as a spur of the moment weapon). An intruder can often take the handgun away from you and shoot you using it if you hesitate to use it, and if you grit your teeth and pull the trigger you have a completely new set of troubles to face.

A flashlight stun gun, however is safe, effective and ready to hand. You can keep it at any place where the children can’t get to it, and it needs no more upkeep than an occational charging to keep it definitely ready for duty. You can utilize a stun gun without worrying if you’ll end up in a courtroom pleading self defense afterwards; and if it in some manner got taken away from you and you get stunned, at least you’ll still be breathing.

Even if you never have to utilize the stunner, a flashlight stun gun provides peace of mind and an extra light in case of emergency or natural disaster.

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