Not all people is at ease owning a handgun. If you didn't grow up around pistols, you might not feel at ease handling firearms. With that in mind, it is an excellent idea to have some kind of protection readily available. Getting a Taser for yourself is an especially great idea. Why should you buy a weapon similar to this? To start, they're easy to… Read More

The world which we live in has changed during the last decade or so. Within the last century, I was pretty content to stroll home at nighttime by myself, regardless of whether that be from a night out or work. At present, I always make sure that I am along with somebody.Even with the safety of other individuals, I am still believing that I must im… Read More

There are numerous non lethal self defense alternatives out there and one that doesn't get virtually enough credit is good old fashioned pepper spray. While it utilizes the same concept of Mace, it isn't as strong as the stuff used by law enforcement or military and yet gives an effective way to protect yourself without any doubts about killing any… Read More

The SafeFamilyLife Ultimate Apartment Survival Kit is precisely built for apartment security and safety. From the door stop alarm, to a small infrared alarm, to a diversion safe for your possessions, to your personal security with pepper sprays. Plus a handbook with instructions for each product in the package as well as a DVD which demonstrates ea… Read More

I was searching online for personal protection items. I came across a web site that had a variety of different items available. They had many things that you could use for self defense purposes such as Mace and stun guns. I had always wanted to own a stun gun thus i looked at their selection. I sought out those which had the best ratings first and … Read More