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Djembe drums have grown in reputation within the Western world in recent instances. The drum originates from West Africa but is now making its mark a bit of further away from residence. That is maybe due to well known bands who've been incorporating the djembe into their performances.

Sales of natural djembe drum are growing amongst the general public, faculties, and orchestras. So when you've got recently purchased your first djembe drum, you might be wondering one of the best ways to look after the instrument. Like all instruments, it's worthwhile to carry our common maintenance to keep it sounding its finest. In this publish, we look at 5 ways you can protect your new drum:

No Sticks/Arms-Only/Only Play With Your Arms

Not like a large drum package, you should solely play a djembe or cajon drum along with your fingers. The fragile head of the drum is just not designed to face up to aggressive enjoying with sticks. This will trigger considerable harm to your drum and should be prevented. As an alternative, tap out the rhythm and beats together with your palms and fingers.


To keep your drum sounds nice, you want to detune it when it isn't in use. The tension of the tuned strings may cause irreversible damage to the drum head, and ruin the sound. This easy tip will help you extend the life of the skin by as a lot as 50%. It is straightforward to re-tune your drum when you'll play once more and keeps it sounding genuine.


For those who're planning on traveling along with your drum or holding it in storage, there are certain things that you must do. Djembes characteristic unique colors and patterns, so store in a cool, dry place to keep these trying their greatest. This methodology of storage also helps preserve the ropes taught, and the skin in good condition.


The easiest way to maintain your new instrument sounding and looking its best is by storing it in a padded bag. These shield your djembe drum when touring or in storage, and are available to fit any sized djembe perfectly. You must also look into purchasing a protective hat and strap to your drum. Together, these products minimize harm to the body and head of the drum.


Similar to your pores and skin, that of your drum can become dehydrated. This will affect the quality of the sound, and cause the pores and skin to break. Apply a small quantity of oil or lotion to the head frequently to keep it in optimum condition. This is only advisable for conventional picket drums although. Fibreglass models will not benefit from this type of care.

These five steps are easy, efficient and may preserve your drum in optimum situation at some stage in its life. A djembe is an investment, so ensure you take the time to take care of its condition properly. Attaining good hand-drum and hand-eye coordination is likely one of the biggest gifts drum players notice because of the need for each in taking part in.

In African history the Djembe drums had been used for many purposes including communication, special rites of passage, marriage and to honor sure people of the village. Their sound is integral to the African culture and has now spread to the remainder of the world for the enjoyment and pleasure of all. Whether for a celebration, a beach occasion, a efficiency or simply to express your self, these drums will ship each time.

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